The question should be - why don't you need a recurring income?


Listen - if you want a business that can work without you (and can afford you vacations while not stressing about work)...




When you start using Content Gorilla 2.0, you will get traffic from places you've never heard of before. And when this traffic starts flowing in, you will need to monetize it.


Now there are MANY different ways of monetizing your traffic:


Build your list

Promote affiliate offers

Create software products

eCom via dropshipping, 

and more!


All these systems work.


But none of them GUARANTEES you a recurring income - the kind of income that will set your mind at ease.


So the system we have created involves selling info products (which you can easily create using Content Gorilla 2.0)


And today - I want to give you a CRAZY deal to get access to this system.


This is the same system we have sold to HUNDREDS of people at $97.


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Copy My Content-Led Framework That Has Generated $500,000+ In Recurring Revenue

Follow step-by-step technique and duplicate our setup in minutes - works PERFECTLY with Content Marketing (and CG 2.0)

Pre-Recorded Training is delivered INSTANTLY and includes...

Module 1 - Mindset

"...this is one of the first things I end up working with my students, getting them comfortable with the idea that it's ok to get paid MONTH after MONTH. Many people struggle with it, but here, we break limiting beliefs..."

  • Day 0: Too many ideas - Where to start?

Module 2 - Niche Selection

"...pick the wrong niche, and you are doomed even before you start! But if you have started already, you can do a quick test to see if you should focus, or go broad!..."

  • Day 1: Passion into profits
  • Day 2: Know your competition - Blue ocean v/s red ocean
  • Day 3: Focus v/s Broad - What's the best option?

Module 3 - Product creation

"...product/service ideas are dime a dozen, but if you don't drill down to what's scalable (w/o early saturation), you'll hit a ceiling. Don't make that mistake..."

  • Day 4: What's the best product to sell?
  • Day 5: Creating your first product
  • Day 6: 5-min lead magnet

Module 4 - Traffic generation

"...the funny thing is, everyone's doing it. Really. So if you don't follow the techniques I show here, you ARE leaving money and authority on the table. PERIOD!..."

  • Day 7: The FB traffic method that everyone is doing
  • Day 8: Making deals of group owner
  • Day 9: Buying fanpage posts

Module 5 - Know the metrics

"...Good news - all that algebra you learned 40 years ago will finally come to good use. Listen, this is NOT a hobby - this is a business. You NEED this to make a healthy profit..."

  • Day 10: Why monthly beats one-time
  • Day 11: LTV, and three month measure
  • Day 12: What if you are not ready to invest?

Module 6 - Sales precision

"...Good - by now you've probably already made a few hundred $$$, recurring. But how can you keep the offer fresh - every single week? Well, let's talk about it now..."

  • Day 13: Positioning your offer
  • Day 14: Long term email series
  • Day 15: The octopus method for recurring sales

Module 7 - Paid Traffic Generation

"...sooner or later, you will have to tackle paid traffic. Now it's time to take some of the money you have made, reinvest it back in and TRIPLE your recurring. Woop woop!..."

  • Day 16: 80/20 rule of paid ads
  • Day 17: Is your targeting on point?
  • Day 18: Using your manager bots in your business

Module 8 - 3-Day Push

"...the campaign is over but you carry on. Find out what you can do to squeeze an extra few sales before you close the cart to work with current customers..."

  • Day 19: Now deals that you can offer
  • Day 20: Getting feedback to improve your offer, and sell more
  • Day 21: Stacking bonuses for final close

This product comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. If for whatever reason, you are not happy with it, just let us know and we'll gladly refund you 100% of your money within 14 days of your purchase. Email us at support (at) kvsocial (dot) com

What will you do with all the traffic generated using Content Gorilla 2.0?

Why Do You Need Recurring Income?

This Training is The Final Piece Of The Puzzle...

I want you to get this training.


No - I NEED you to get this training. This is the absolute final piece you need to put together an AMAZING content-based marketing plan that helps you make sales as:


- an affiliate

- a product owner, and even

- a service provider


I've walked the walk and generated hundreds of thousands of dollars selling products to traffic generated with content marketing.


And Content Gorilla 2.0 has been at the backbone of it all.


So click on the button below and make sure you get access to this training at a one-time price.


As always, you are covered with our 14-day money-back guarantee, so buy with the assurance that your purchase is protected. We love our customers and want to provide you a great experience with this training!

Secure Your 21-Day Recurring Machine Training

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